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What is detailing?

Detailing is a meticulous process in which each panel is carefully rejuvenated. The process begins with a pre foam wash and then a second more thorough two bucket method where one bucket contains the cleaning solution and the other clean water. Using two buckets equipped with Grit Guards virtually eliminates the risk of transferring dirt back onto your paint. This is then followed with a careful examination of the paintwork to ensure any tar/tree sap has been removed.

The next stage of the detailing process is the actual paint correction. This entails meticulous machine polishing that can only be carried out by an experienced detailer (such as Protechniq) to ensure your paintwork is rejuvenated with the upmost care. The highest level of correction is then achieved without compromising the layers of paint. (For further information on paint correction and benefits see below).

The final stage of the detailing process is to choose from a range of high quality Carnauba wax/Sealant to protect your paintwork

Why choose detailing over a quick wash or valet?

When you take your vehicle into a car wash or for a valet the task is usually to have a quick wash and to make your vehicle look clean, it won't look as shiny and dirt free as it could through being detailed. A quick wash/valet can sometimes be harmful to your paintwork as there can be small stones or dirt particles in the sponges/cloths that are repeatedly used at car washes and valet centres. Low standard washing can leave your paintwork looking scratched and dull.

Paint correction and its benefits

Paint correction is a lengthy and labour intensive process and when done correctly and with a meticulous eye for precision and detail can remove imperfections from your cars paintwork. For example imperfections caused by scratching, oxidisation, bird droppings, swirl marks and general wear and tear. By using high quality products and safe and skilled techniques it is possible to give paintwork in any condition an improved shine and clarity. Before beginning the paint correction process the paint thickness is measured using a gauging tool.

Before Correction

After Correction

The paint correction process can take anything up to 30 hours. This is subject to paint depth and condition and can I aim to achieve full paint correction up to 95%. Machine polishing techniques are used to deliver paint correction which can only be executed by a professional. This ensures the paint is polished using the correct materials thus eliminating risk of further damage and achieving the desired effect you require, eg a flawless shine. The paintwork is then inspected by using a specialist hand held light gun to check that every defect has been spotted in any lighting condition.

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Protechniq Detailing... Vehicle Paint Correction Kent

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